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Abrams Squad Specials

Abrams Squad Specials issues devoted to one special subject or theme.

From interesting vehicles to famous battles. 

  • 20,00 €

    “TRACTORS, Modelling Eastern European Civil Vehicles” is the first book of the reputed modeller Grzegorz Krawczyk, a specialist in civil construction vehicles and tractors in scale. His works are acclaimed worldwide and in this book you will discover how he works and what techniques he uses.

  • 30,00 €

    BEAR IN THE MUDModelling the Russian Armor in Eastern Europe

  • 15,00 €

    A special of Abrams Squad in which you will find a compendium of modelling techniques applied to the Bundeswehr AFV's: NATO and Umtarnfarben camouflages, extra-detailing parts, anti-slip textures, how to paint wheels, weathering techniques, painting figures, applying camouflage nets, and many more.

  • 25,00 €

    Bear in the Sand: Modelling the Russian Armour in Syria and Libya, an Abrams Squad Special

  • 25,00 €

    Modelling the GULF WAR, an Abrams Squad Special

  • 22,00 €

    Modelling the BTR - Third Abrams Squad Special

  • 25,00 €

    Modelling the Abrams Vol.1

  • 10,00 €

    Abrams Squad introduce you the first publication of a new range of publications devoted to one special theme. In this first Special we focus in one of the models of the moment, the Dutch-German Fennek. A recon vehicle that can be painted in multiple camouflages and setted in different scenarios. We show you lots of modelling techniques to paint and detail...

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