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The medium/long-range surface-to-air missile system largely used by the US Defence Forces and many other allied countries started his design in the 60’s, but it was in the 70’s when the company Raytheon started the development of the Patriot.

BTR-80, mean green war machine!

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It was all Peres and Abrams Squad’s fault. After reading his excellent book about the eight-wheeled BTR it was clear for me that I wanted to build one of these iconic vehicles.

M-60 A3

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Dare we say that M60 remains one of the favourite tanks of modellers with more than 50 years’ service and service in the NATO territory.

Russian abandoned vehicles

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Everything started when I saw that collection of pictures. Dozens of Ukrainian tanks of all types piled up in a junkyard.

Stridsvagn 103 C-Headless warrior

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The Stridsvagn 103 also known as S-tank was a Swedish post-war main battle tank and it is the only tank of any kind since World War II.